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Meet The Team:

Robert (Rob) Giomore – Executive Director

Rob Gilmore

Rob Gilmore
Executive Director

Rob Gilmore is Executive Director of the Northern Rocky Mountain Economic Development District (EDD) serving a 27-member Board of Directors and economic development programs in Gallatin and Park Counties, Montana. Rob coordinates a 30 member Team of Professionals that provide business coaching services. He also is a member of the Gallatin Valley Broadband Steering Committee and directs economic activities for a tri-agency Yellowstone Studies Center.

Rob was inspired to build the EDD when he saw a need for solutions to complex business issues faced by organizations in the Gallatin County area. There are many resources available to start-ups, but Rob recognized a need for business help with complex issues relating to marketing, human resources, and effective technology usage, among other current issues. Still at the beginning stages of it’s journey, the EDD has many exciting upcoming events and is already assisting with a number of projects in the area.

Rob is also Chairman of Solution Mountain (SMI), an Intelligent Network that is dedicated to helping U.S. communities analyze their business needs, measure economic impacts and develop strategies for business expansion. The Company specializes in conducting business assessments, mitigating at-risk needs and generally consulting to governments and trade-based organizations. Rob is a “Montana Ambassador” appointed by the Montana Governor’s Office. In addition to its service throughout the region, SMI is a technology partner to NorthWestern Energy and is contracted to promote economic development throughout the Montana, North and South Dakota and Nebraska market areas.

Previously, Rob was founder/CEO of Globe-1, Inc. The company provided e-commerce solutions to U.S. domestic and international markets. Before its sale to Onvia, Inc. in 2000, the Globe-1 system was one of the largest small-business trade matching system in the US with linkages to all major US cities, more than 650,000 supplier companies and a dozen international markets.

Rob designed and operated the U.S. trade matching solution for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). In this capacity he created and managed electronic trading blocks that joined several European, Asian, African and South American markets in trade with U.S. suppliers.

He is a recipient of the Ford Foundations award for Innovations in American Government, and the Council of State Government’s Award for Innovation. He has represented U.S. business interests in many international forums. As an invited speaker at World Bank Tech-Net conferences, Rob has introduced new strategies for trade development in emerging economies. Rob has extensive international experience and has consulted with senior trade officials in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.