The Bridger District assists businesses in obtaining State Government Grants. We assist with the application and reporting process for the Job Creation Grant awarded by the MT Department of Commerce known as the Big Sky Trust Fund Grant. We also assist with the application process for the Workforce Training Grant awarded by the MT Department of Labor and Industry known as the Incumbent Workers Training Grant.

The Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund Program (BSTF) Job Creation funds are awarded to local and tribal governments in the form of grants or loans to assist basic sector businesses in creating good paying jobs for Montana residents. To qualify, the business needs to do the following:

  • A basic sector company

  • Create at least one net new eligible job in Montana

  • Pay an hourly wage of at least $20.40 in Gallatin County, and $16.40 in Park County for each eligible job.

  • Demonstrate that the business expansion is financially feasible

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The Incumbent Worker Training Program provides grant funding to assist eligible Montana offet training costs for their existing (incumbent) workers. The goal of the program is to create a stronger workforce through developing employees and in turn strengthening small business for Montana residents. To qualify the business should:

  • Have been in operation in Montana at least one year

  • Have no more than 50 employees statewide

  • Be registered with the Montana Secretary of State’s Office as a(n): Association, Corporation, LLC, Partnership, or Sole Proprietor

  • Have a need to upgrade skills of their employees to remain competitive in their industry or the economy

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