Community Development Projects

The Bridger District provides community assistance programs in addition to providing regional studies and development, for our member Counties, Cities and Towns.

  • Town of West Yellowstone – Support to Town’s Growth Policy Update

  • Town of Three Forks – Business Response Team

  • City of Belgrade – Major Business Assessment, financing for major project

  • Town of West Yellowstone – Assist in the best use of 80 Acre Acquisition

  • Gallatin County Fairgrounds – Assess financing strategies and impact study

Regional Studies and Initiatives

Yellowstone National Park – West Yellowstone Gateway Study

The Bridger District is the recipient for an EDA Grant, for a project running from September 2018-December 2019. The grant scope is designed to assist West Yellowstone and Yellowstone National Park officials better understand the current and projected issues related to tourism, infrastructure and transportation management at the West Yellowstone gate; and to provide recommendations for system improvements both within the community and across the broader region.

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